Humanservices Agreement

Download the full guide to the Human Services Agreement or scroll down to download individual parts. Prior to 2017, the DCJ, previously known as the Department of Families and Community Services (FACS), had other model contracts with service providers, including the Funding Instrument and the Program Level Agreement (PLA). Since 2017, DCJ has been using the Human Services Agreement (HSA) for new contracts, given the expiration of old contracts. In particular, the financing instrument and the PLA have been replaced by the HSA general terms and conditions and timetable. Most DCJ contracts expired in June 2020, and from July 2020, HSA will use new contracts. If your organization still needs a guide on the FACS Funding Certificate, please contact us for assistance. Non-profit Law has developed a guide to the Human Services Agreement, which contains information on the key commitments of organizations under the Human Services Agreement and contains checklists that help organizations meet their commitments. Please read this one-sided HHS vendor fact sheet, which passPort Release 3 means for HHS providers. For more information and resources, visit the HHS Accelerator website and the Learning to Use PASSPort website. For more information on the Human Services Agreement, please visit the ProcurePoint website and the NSW Procurement Board Direction. 1. Have a PASSPort account.

To create a PASSPort account, click here. 2. Get prequalified in HHS Accelerator. To begin the pre-qualification process, click here. The Human Services Agreement is an NSW government document that sets out the standard conditions applicable to organizations (called non-governmental organizations on ProcurePoint) that provide human services funded by NSW government authorities. To respond to HHS RFPs in PASSPort, suppliers must: HPD is also an active partner in the city`s No Profit Resilience Committee (NRC). The NRC was established in 2016 and gives a direct voice to the nonprofit community in the health and social services field to influence New York City`s business practices, policies, and technology solutions, from the RFP development process to timely contract registration. . . .

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