Mtsf Agreement Royal Mail

Previous agreements to ensure that all employees of the Royal Mail Group are able to maintain and update their existing skills and enable them to develop new skills based on personal ambitions and aspirations. These agreements clearly recognized that professions such as FNL conduct require skills that individuals can aspire to. Royal Mail and CWU jointly recognise that the distribution network must closely adapt staff and vehicles to workload obligations in order to maximise efficiency, maintain Q of S and meet employee aspirations on an equal footing with the objectives of existing agreements. 12.7. The improvement of tariffs and conditions in each unit is introduced with the provision of the conditions set out in this Agreement. It should be noted that these guidelines do not constitute an agreement and that the union has had the right to intervene on behalf of individuals and groups of members if it can be demonstrated that the application of the guidelines could unfairly disadvantage them. 5.2. At such meetings, account shall be taken of the coverage of known workloads and additional solutions to meet all ad hoc requirements for the current week and the following week, using the full range of resource options, as described in the “Change of Management at Work” section of this Agreement. 5.7. To perform appropriate work under the direction of the local manager when you visit a Royal Mail website. This may include loading and unloading, consolidating mail into cages, and all work that supports distribution and processing operations.

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