White Label Service Agreement Template

c. Video Ads created by the Customer under this Agreement will be hosted on MOBIBLOCKS` cloud servers. MOBIBLOCKS will host and maintain the Customer`s website under this Service Agreement. MOBIBLOCKS provides access to the graphics and content of the Customer`s website to enable the editing of customizable content. MOBIBLOCKS supports the required server performance of the client`s website, regardless of growth, by adding the required servers or server resources. Rental agencies often require no-departure clauses, which means you can`t work directly with clients. At this point, you should get feedback from your legal team to make sure the deal is in your best interest. You need to clarify from the beginning if you can talk directly to customers, as some situations prevent the white label provider from talking to customers. A white label service contract describes a situation in which a provider provides services or goods, but the customer renames the services to look like they have created them. For example, a software provider may provide a platform like a mobile app, but the customer gives the impression that they developed the app, not the provider. White label situations exist in all sectors, which makes white label service agreements all the more important. Access this template and the rest of our document in a fixed monthly calendar.

The clauses that must be written in such an agreement must contain the things that we are going to discuss. First, make sure that both companies agree to keep the information strictly private and confidential. Other points that should be discussed include reparations or fines for possible damages or losses, details of possible ways to modify the contract if necessary, termination or breach, explanation of the conditions already discussed between the two parties, laws and schedules established by the state, the modality of payment and other details about cash. Apart from this, all mutual obligations and / or obligations for their own good must also be presented to the first station. Don`t forget to mention the period of this agreement. Another important thing in drafting an agreement is that it should be done on a government-approved legal stamp paper. This Agreement constitutes the complete and exclusive representation of the agreement between the parties with respect to the products and services offered herein. The Client undertakes to defend, indemnify and hold MOBIBLOCKS harmless from any and all claims, losses, penalties, causes of action, damages, liability, costs, expenses (including, but not limited to, attorneys` fees and expenses) or claims caused or resulting directly or indirectly from the Client`s use of the Platform or the violation of the rights of third parties; including, but not limited to, infringement of patents, copyright marks, service marks, trade secrets, personality or publicity rights or other rights of third parties. .

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