How Do You Document a Verbal Agreement

Verbal agreements can be a tricky thing to navigate. While they hold just as much value as their written counterparts, they can be more difficult to document and enforce. This is why it`s important to know how to properly document a verbal agreement.

The first and most important step is to make sure all parties are in agreement. This means clearly discussing and agreeing upon the terms of the agreement. It`s also important to make note of any conditions or contingencies.

Once the terms are agreed upon, it`s important to document the conversation. This can be done by taking detailed notes or recording the conversation. It`s important to make sure that all parties are aware and comfortable with the recording or note taking.

After the conversation has been documented, it`s important to send a follow-up email summarizing the agreement. This email should include the terms of the agreement, any conditions or contingencies, and a confirmation that all parties are in agreement. This step is crucial in case there is any confusion or dispute in the future.

It`s also important to keep any relevant communication or documentation related to the agreement in one place. This can include emails, notes, recordings, or any other documentation.

Finally, it`s important to review and re-confirm the agreement periodically. This ensures that all parties are still in agreement and that there have been no changes or disputes.

In conclusion, documenting a verbal agreement requires clear communication, detailed note-taking, follow-up email confirmation, keeping all relevant documentation in one place, and periodic review and re-confirmation. By following these steps, you can ensure that verbal agreements hold just as much weight and are just as enforceable as their written counterparts.

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