Site License Agreement

The term “site” may not necessarily refer to a physical or geographic location. It is simply defined a limitation of the user`s access rights. [5] The use of this term dates back to the 1950s, when large images limited to certain sites were used. Today, these types of licenses are rare, but still used in certain sectors such as manufacturing. Suppliers can insert clauses allowing representatives to visit the site and verify that the use of the software confirms the license. [7] Site licenses are sometimes referred to as multi-date licenses by implicitly distinguishing individual licenses (individual seats); This parallel use uses the terminology of multi-seat configurations for mainframes, with the same figurative analogy of several workers sitting in front of an instance (a terminal or a copy of the application). The costs of the licence[6] can then be analyzed in terms of costs per seat installed, the idea being that these costs must be lower if the site license is to be advantageous compared to the granting of an individual license. SPSS Inc. (hereinafter the SPSS) and the licensee identified in the attached order forms (HERE) agree: A site license[1] is a kind of software license that allows the user to install software on multiple computers at the same time, for example. B on a given site (configuration) or in a company.

[2] Depending on the amount of taxes paid, the license may be unlimited[3] or limit simultaneous access to a certain number of users. The latter is called a parallel site license. [5] [6] 4.2 The number of computers from which THE SOFTWARE is accessible must not exceed the number of copies specified in the ORDER FORM (the number may be changed in the future by mutual agreement between the parties). When THE SOFTWARE is installed on a server or network, any computer from which it is possible to access THE SOFTWARE is considered a copy of the software in use. All computers must be located on one of the sites defined in ORDER FORM, except that home use is permitted by full-time staff and faculty members. This section 4.1 does not apply if this agreement applies to a license of a SPSS “server” product. 3.2 If licensed orders from LICENSEE and SPSS accept a subsequent order pursuant to Section 1.4, LICENSEE agrees to pay THE SOFTWARE licence fees within 30 days of the date set on the SPSS invoice. 7.3 This agreement replaces all agreements, proposals, representations and prior communications between the parties regarding the purpose of this issue.

In the event of a conflict between this agreement and the software orders, the terms of this agreement are given priority. 7.1 LICENSEE agrees that the agreement and software cannot be transferred and under-licensed without SPSS` prior written consent. LICENSEE agrees that the software cannot be transferred at its sole discretion without the prior written consent of SPSS, except as stated here. 6.1 SPSS guarantees that it has the right to grant this licence. 7.7 LICENSEE and SPSS agree that this agreement and the software, including all software information, be disclosed to LICENSEE as a result of this agreement, (a) constitute the proprietary and confidential information of SPSS; (b) can only be used by LICENSEE if necessary for the exercise of the licence issued under this agreement; and (c) to remain confidential and not to be made available to another person or entity as a licensee without the express written permission of the SPSS.

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